Camouflage audio recorder

Long-term recording                                                                                                  .

Operating modes: VAS, on schedule

Password protection

Miniature design

Mains Connected Digital Room Monitoring System

Two-channel digital room monitoring system which uses the 110/230 V mains supply as the receiving medium

Transmission range is very far

Encryption is available

Miniature Audio Transmission System

An audio transmission system providing super-broad Spread Spectrum Modulation

Detection of the audio transmitter is extremely difficult

Enormous low power consumption of the transmitter enables excellent long-term audio monitoring operations

Wireless Audio Transmission System

Digital audio transmission (optional mono or stereo)

Transmitting power is adjustable up to 15 mW

Data rate and sensitivity of mechanic vibration sensor are adjustable

Support forwarding error correction

Low power consumption of audio transmitter

Various forms of transmitters and receivers in different applied scenarios

Laser Monitoring System

Used for an acoustic surveillance and observation of a room by means of an invisible laser beam.

Direct laser beam to the target window to get the vibration on reflected beam and then produce audio signal

Stereo stethoscope amplifier system

Enable perception and recording of analogue audio signals such as human voice, footsteps inside room by attached device to the outside wall

Suitable for working with more than 50 cm thickness concrete wall

GPS Positioning and Audio Monitoring Devices

Online tracking position, replay tracks on digital maps

Record audio signals and transmit to server through GPRS/3G connection

3D-motion and Vox sensors are used to activate functions set-up by user

AES 128-bit encryption

Video Transmission System

Using COFDM technology to have high quality and secure video transmission (encrypted by AES 256-bit algorithm

Combination of short-range (100m – 1km), medium-range (1km – 5km) and long-range (5km – 50km) transmitters / receivers to forward video signals depend on specific mission

Through-wall radar

Display: 2D and 3D colour display with 640 x 480 resolution

Wall material: brick and block separated by a cavity; timber; cinder block; concrete block

Field of view: 120° horizontally and 90° vertically

Maritime Electro-Optical System

Surveillance and tracking automatically

MIL-STD 810 standard

24/7 operation in hard conditions

Used with day / night cameras and thermal imager

Integrated into exist CMS or stand-alone                                                                       .