Cellular Network Analyzer

The system is designed for analyzing GSM networks in 900/1800 MHz and E-GSM bands

Fast scan and display all necessary information to assist you improve your GSM environment or identify cells surrounding

Operating with all exist networks at the same time

Fully passive and without any interference to network operation

Emergency Communication System

Create communication networks in emergency scenarios, e.g. natural disaster, earthquake, etc.

Working with GSM, UMTS and LTE phones

Can set-up operating frequency channels and output power of the system

Finding subscribers within coverage by radio measurements, GPS and specialized mobile finder equipment

H/V/UHF Wideband Reconnaissance System

Frequency range: 0.1 - 6000 MHz

Recording and monitoring bandwidth up to 80 MHz

Intercepting, direction finding base on wideband technology

Operating automatically

SATCOM system

Working with services of Inmarsat and Thuraya satellites such as: Isatphone Pro, BGAN, Thuraya and Thuraya-IP

Highly compact, modular system: FPGA-based and MicroTCA technology

Operating range equal to the coverage of target satellite, up to 1/3 overall global area

Receive and analyze both downlink and uplink in C-band and L-band (duplex communication)

Satellite Analysis System

Receive and process signals in C, Ku and Ka bands

Support of hundreds transmission methods (up to date) from different providers such as: iDirect, Hughes, Gilat ...

FDMA and TDMA signals

GSM Voice, pictures, emails, and IP data packets, etc.

Tactical Satellite Analysis System

Receive and process Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium signals concurrently

Extreme robustness, compact and modular/flexible design

Quick deployment in many scenarios: vehicles, vessels and airplane platform