Established in 1994, Nacenopto Company Limited (Nacenopto Co., Ltd) is known as an innovative developer, manufacturer and distributor of special electronic products and system solutions in the field of high technology.

In its following years, Nacenopto Co., Ltd. quickly established itself in the market of high-end products and solutions. Our range of products is constantly expanding and our core business is the assembly of electronics and telecommunication equipment, providing import-export, technology transfer, project planning, performing services and other after-sales services.

We consider quality in all areas of our company to be the key for continued successful cooperation with our customers and business partners. We focus on building sustainable relationships with our clients, which include: the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture, Petrovietnam, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication, the Ministry of Science and Technology etc.